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Innovated Music Instruction 

ColorSoundation Experience

We utilize the ColorSoundation program on campus for our Adults, we modify the program as needed for our ISS program. BHA is excited to extend our program to children with ALL abilities ages 2-8; location, time and date vary. Online Enrollment will be available soon!

Introduction to Music Theory

Color-Note-Tone Association

Singing and Playing

Integrated Technology

ColorSoundation Experience

ColorSoundation uses color recognition, fun characters, an engaging story, movement, singing, and technology to teach music literacy while developing a "musical ear."

In practice for over a decade, the program technique offers a structured, yet nurturing environment.

Skills gained:

Music Literacy

Absolute and Rlative Pitch

Rythm Comprehension

Performance and Collaboration

Self-Esteem & Self-Discipline

Critical Listening & Communication

Fine & Gross Motor Skills  


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