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Common Queries

You Ask. We Answer.

What is ISS

ISS stands for Individualized Skills & Socialization. Effective March 1st, 2023 the term “Day Hab” has been replaced with “ISS”. Under ISS, adults are able to have a more person-centered program that is unique to the individual. ISS is made up of on-site activities and off-site activities. ISS services are certified and regulated by Texas Health and Human Services.

Who funds these services?

While the ISS services program is funded by the Medicaid waiver programs of HCS/TxHmLv and DBMD, we do accept individuals funded through CLASS, HCS and private pay. Unfortunately, the services we offer are not covered by Medicaid such as Molina, Star Plus or other HMOs. 

What is off-site staffing ratio?

HHSC has implemented off-site ratios for safer community involvement and interaction. The ratios vary depending on the individual’s level of need. If an individual has a level of need of 1 or 5, the ratio is 1 staff member for 8 individuals. If the individual has a level of need of 6 or 8, then the staffing ratio is 1 staff member per 2 individuals.

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